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Diamond Industry is quite connected with my Life from the Childhood. I would love to tell a short story about my lifeline.

On my childhood was really bad in study and was not really concentrating because I brought up in typical Gujarati Family and usually we don’t give much priority to study. My dad was having his own diamond business and he used to take me to his office to help him pick and drop some diamond packages. That was the first time I get connected with Diamond Industry. After few years I dropped off my study because I don’t want too. Then I started helping my dad on polishing rough diamonds. It was kind of hard work as I was still fresh on experience. Step by step I started learning on how to recognize diamond and the process. Was quite amazed with it and I committed to myself to have my own business one day.
I was been working to polishing diamonds for almost 6 years and then I started my own business but it was kind of bit hard because no capital in that time. Then I decided to close my business as it was really hard for me to handle the expenses in that time. I started job again in one of the company in for the same thing.
Then again I decided to start up business again with my partners. It’s been already 11 years and still running very well. Was been brought with around Diamond so I have quite good experience on it. This is the reason why I decided to go further and work on it too. As it was my dream to have my own diamond manufacturing brand and finally I have it. Well, I even do customized order as per your request so if don’t find what you looking for please contact me and I’ll get it sorted. 
Thank you so much taking time to reading the story of my life which is connected with Diamond. 

Jay Krishna Diamond, a brand that has knowledge of jewelry better than most of the top institutes and serving you the best for 20 years. We design from our experiences as we are the topmost creators as well as exporters of variety of diamonds in the diamond market, honoring the tradition of artwork we are now providing you numerous kind of diamonds such as Polished Diamond, Loose Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Fancy Color Diamonds, Diamond Beads Necklace and Rough Diamond Beads Necklace, Rough Diamond Jewelry, Industrial Rough Diamonds and many more. Our desire is just to transform your thoughts into handmade pieces to enjoy it for the lifetime. We are following the same tradition for 20 years which is leading us to the best quality, artistic work and helps us to maintain the uniqueness of our creativity in the hearts of our customers. Here you can customize the diamonds according to your needs in MM size of jewelry (Like Princess, Heart, Star, Pear, Oval, Cushion, Emerald, Marquise and Round).

Jay Krishna Diamond is situated in the Diamond City Surat followed by India as the name itself says a lot. We will provide you with each and every jewelry art at a reasonable price. Moreover, our institution gives service to more than 25 countries around the world. Including the best quality of color and specifications, we provide you with the clarity in our work with the latest machines available in the markets to serve you the best design and without errors. To get notify with our latest updates of new designs of jewelry please stay connected with our store as we post our creativity regularly.

All our Diamonds are Conflict Free:-

The diamonds herein we sell have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance united nation resolutions. We the seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/ or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.